Semi-automatic baler, horizontal press 800 Plus provides a throughput of 2 tons per hours which makes it perfect for waste processing plants. The machine has a crushing force of 75 tons, the knife cutting off the excessive material in the charging chamber, the floor made of wear-resistant steel, a bale full indicator and a three-phase motor with the power of 15 kW. Optionally, the baler may be equipped with additional devices, e.g.: a tippler for 1000 L containers, co-operating conveyor belt, extra security devices, etc. Horizontal binding system makes it perfect for baling plastic PET bottles and aluminum cans. The whole process of baling, apart from binding, takes place in an automatic cycle.


Technical parameters:

dimensions/ size of the baler (height x width x depth) 2805 mm x 1750 mm x 7050 mm
weight of the baler7800 kg
inlet size (height x width)1900 mm x 970 mm
bale dimensions1100 mm x 1020 mm x 1300-1500
weight of a bale400 kg – 700 kg
bale wiringwire, tape or string
number of wires5
binding directionhorizontal
capacity3 2 T/h at bulk weight 70 kg/m
number of actuators2
crushing force75 tons MAX
standard time of crushing cycle15 kW / 75 sec., 22 kW / 60 sec.
electric current35 A (15 kW motor)
electric voltage400 V
lenght of power supply cable6 m
inner electrical circle24 V DC