Semi-automatic baler horizontal press 400 Plus is suitable for processing the material to an average of 1 ton per hour. The machine is ideal for industrial plants producing high quality material in the relative small amounts. When the disc presses projecting entirely to the door 400 Plus press produces a very compact bales with dimensions and weight comply with the requirements of the mill. Bale can be completely discharged from the chamber after binding, facilitating switching between materials. Vertical binding system makes the machine is easy to use, quick to bind and suitable for setting along the wall.

Technical parameters:

dimensions/ size of the baler (height x width x depth)

2400 mm x 1750 mm x 4630 mm

weight of the baler

5000 kg

inlet size (height x width)

820 mm x 930 mm

weight of a bale

200 – 400 kg

bale wiring wire

tape or string

number of wires


binding direction



3 1 T/h at bulk weight 70 kg/m

number of actuators


crushing force

50 tons MAX

standard time of crushing cycle

15 kW / 40 sec., 11 kW / 53 sec

electric current

27 A (11 kW motor) , 35A (15 kW motor)

lenght of power supply cable

6 m

inner electrical circle

24 V DC