Technical specification of 800 Plus baler from Bartontech with changes in construction for baling tires, foam and rubber. The machine is also able to bale waste like paper, cardboard etc.


Technical parameters:

inlet size (height x width)1850 mm x 950 mm
bale dimensions1000 mm x 800 mm x 1000 – 1300 mm
bale weightfoam: 300 kg / foil: up tp 500 kg / cardboard: up to 400 kg
wire3,5 mm (minimum diameter)
number of wires9
binding directionhorizontal and vertical (4×5)
pressure210 bar
pomp size61 cc, 9 cc
number of pistons2 + 2 extra pistons for pushing out the bale
pressure power50 tonnes
motor speed1440 rpm
standard pressing cycle15 kW / 70 seconds or 22 kW / 50 sec.
electricity35A (15 kW motor)
voltage415 V
inner electrical circuit24V DC
hydraulic system of opening and closing the doors
indicator of full bale and blocked bale
CE certificate